About the author

Raised in New Zealand, the author has always primarily been involved in the performing arts through childhood and teenage years. Currently, she is pursuing a career in musical theatre of some sort, whether it be teaching or performing. One day, she aspires to play 'Maria' in 'The Sound of Music'.

When permitted, Aimee spends as much time in the kitchen as possible. Flavours fascinate her and she will go through phases of experimentation with cooking and trying new and complicated recipes. Aimee makes an effort to choose recipes that don't have abstract ingredients - more along the 'simple but effective' line of thinking. However, the artistic element of food preparation is 'the most exciting' - art and food just go so well together!!! She drools over those gorgeous cupcake books - not for the cupcakes - but for the simplicity of colour, cleverness of design and beauty of the end result. Aimee doesn't like eating her work!

Her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ stays central in her life and enables her to approach life with vigour, passion and anticipation.

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