Friday, January 28, 2011

My first attempt at cake pops.

Thanks to Bakerella for the inspiration, I just attempted my first batch of the all-American 'cake-pops' - my younger brother and I have made a pact that we are only ever allowed to talk of cake pops as long as it is in an American accent.

Spent most of the day on them to be honest. Started around 12 - made the cakes, crumbled the cakes (with Tim's help), waited for Mum to come home with the cream cheese, made the icing, added the icing, made the balls, froze the balls, and this evening starting around 8pm I began the arduous process of chocolate coating and decorating. Wow, was it arduous... well, actually it was fun until the thought struck me as to how I was going to store them... so of course after I'd pain-stakingly decorated them to perfection, I had to figure out how to stack them in the fridge, because of course they wouldn't stay upright (the polystyrene wouldn't fit in the fridge). Now it's 11:25pm so with patience wearing thin I ended up stacking many on top of each other. Feeling very despondent because I hope like crazy they won't be ruined in the morning :(

If I am feeling more patient in the morning, you may get a photo - depending on whether they're ruined! :(

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