Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aimee's Home-grilled Sammie.

So my first original recipe is about to be shared!

Inspired by Christie Cook, this is what I made for lunch today, and it was so ridiculously yum you have to try it - like, tomorrow. Seriously. Do it. Okay?

Aimee's Home-grilled Sammie

1 small chicken breast
1 ciobata roll
mango chutney
cream cheese
Edam cheese

Cut the ciobata roll in half and pop it on an oven tray. Smear it with cream cheese, then mango chutney. Break the chicken breast into rough-ish pieces and lay on top of the cheese and chutney. Finally, a bare sprinkling of Edam to bind it all together.

Chuck it in the oven on grill, but watch it! It cooks fast and you may have to whack it off 'grill' to ensure it's warm all through.

Oh it was just so delish... Will take a photo tomorrow so you can see what I mean.

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